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Secret Stuff

Who am I kidding? The invention of the internet means not much in this world is truly secret anymore. But ‘Not Really All That Well Known Stuff’ is a bit long for a category title, isn’t it? With a little luck, reading the posts below might just help you find something you didn’t know about Edinburgh.

Secret Polish Voda Bar


  How do you get people to flock to your bar? Easy. Put the word secret in the name.¬†Well, it worked for me with the Secret Polish Vodka Bar, or as it’s also [...]

Wild West Town in… Edinburgh?


  Edinburgh; a city of castles, cobblestones, tartan, bagpipes and… err… the wild west? Yep, that’s right, Edinburgh has a wild west. Well, sort of. [...]

Edinburgh’s Secret Garden


  Being a tourist can be exhausting, and if there’s one place in Edinburgh where your stamina is going to be challenged it’s the tourist-tastic Royal Mile; a [...]

The Scotsman Steps


  Pssst… wanna know a secret shortcut? Well, I’ll tell you, but first I’ll digress a little. To some they’re just a convenient way to get from [...]

The Heart of Midlothian


  If you were walking along the Royal Mile and saw someone spitting on the street, the appropriate reaction would usually be to throw them a horrified glance and maybe [...]
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