You’d never guess from the title, but this site is about stuff to do, stuff to eat, stuff to drink and any other interesting stuff I can find in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia (but proudly a whole quarter Scottish). When I moved here in 2013. I quickly discovered Edinburgh is not just a stunning little city with endless monuments, places of historical import and overpriced, stuffy (hah!) restaurants, it also has a quirky, cute and gruesome (what?) side to be found down all those medieval alleys.

What I’m hoping is that Stuff Edinburgh will help you find something you never knew about the city, something that piques your interest or something that sounds so yummy/interesting/fun/bizarre you’ve just got to go and try it for yourself. I don’t see the point in writing about what I didn’t like, so if I don’t think it’s worth eating, drinking or doing, it won’t be here. Well, except for one place that was amusingly bad I had to include it. I’ll let you find that one by yourself.

First off though, here’s a list of basics to get you started before you get here.

Oh and I’m a bit (a lot) sarcastic, so if you read something and wonder whether I’m joking, there’s a 99% chance I am.

Unless stated otherwise, all the photos are mine.

Happy travels.

P.S – For what I think of other places in the world, I’ve got another site, De Winter Retreat.