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If you’ve visited a few bars in the last couple of years, you’ve no doubt come across cocktails served in glass jars, mismatched tea cups or maybe even test tubes. But have you ever had one in a light bulb?

I think the only way to describe Edinburgh’s Lucky Liquor Co is to call it a concept cocktail bar. Opening mid 2013, Lucky Liquor has a menu of 13 in-house cocktails to choose from and with a new selection conjured up every quarter, it’s a perfect set up for dragging me out of my comfort zone. When it comes to trying new food or drinks I’m a bit of a wuss, so a menu heaving with liquor I’ve never heard of (Quiquiriqui Matalan Mezcal, Aba Pisco) is the perfect way to force an unadventurous type like me to try something new. It also forces the staff to spend a good few minutes hand holding as I query everything, which they do with a smile.

In the name of research, my friend and I ended up tasting all of the thirteen ‘summer’ drinks over two visits. As far as we can remember, about half of them were to our liking.

As a new 13 debut every few months, you probably won’t be able to order the one below anymore, but I think they really give you an idea of how inventive Lucky Liquor is.

Lucky 13
This was my favourite, the Lucky 13. That’s probably because it tasted sort of like a Long Island Iced Tea – which, if done well, is just like citrusy Coke. I told you I’m a wuss.
fly 2
The ‘Trout Fishing in America’. Fittingly it’s made with smoked trout infused whiskey (blergh). The fly you see there is actually a fishing fly, as in the thing you might catch a trout with. There’s also a bit of cork in the pointy end, in case someone forgets to take it out before they sip.
light bulb
The Megawatt 2.0 – this has to take the prize for most original glass I’ve ever seen.The staff told me there was only one globe left after they’d all broken or been stolen. Then they did me a favour by rescuing it from another table, washing it and serving me one for this shot. Now that’s what I call service!

Decor-wise there’s a few things going on – black and white chequered tiles, lots of wood, retro touches, pastel wooden chairs and painted brick walls, and once the evening takes hold and the lights go down, it’s all rather cosy.

door 1

The door.. so far so cool.

outside 3
See… darkness becomes it.
menu board 2
The drinks are priced between £6 and £9, so it’s not somewhere you’d want to buy a round for a huge group. But they’re high quality cocktails so it’s to be expected. Judging from the way my friend and I wobbled out of there after three each, they’re certainly not skimping on the alcohol content.
chris 2
Don’t worry, the guy looking very unimpressed with me and my camera is a friend. Apparently that’s his happy face.
hat rack
Not sure if the flat cap is a prop or actually belongs to a customer… but it looks good… so ‘snap’.
downstairs chairs
If you wander to the bar you’ll see the downstairs area. There’s a much different feel here, all dark lighting and cushions; perfect if there’s a big group of you.
downstairs mirror
More downstairs mood lighting.

Bar tubes

No idea what this is above, but it definitely makes the bar feel science-labby.

So there you go; Lucky Liquor gets a big tick from me. Just promise you won’t steal the funky glasses.


Stuff to Know:

Address – 39A Queen St, Edinburgh, EH2 3NH

The bartenders at Lucky Liquor Co can serve you drinks other than what’s on the menu. Just tell them what flavours you like and they’ll whip something up. Or if not everyone in your group likes cocktails, there’s beer too.

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