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Castle Mill Works

(Last Updated On: 27th January 2020)   One of my favourite abandoned Edinburgh buildings left me conflicted today as I walked past to see that the artworld had taken possession of it. On the one hand I’m deliriously happy that in 2019 it will be turned into a hub for contemporary art. On the other, I’m totally bummed that on the...

Wings Edinburgh

(Last Updated On: 27th January 2020)   Just so we’re clear, Wings Edinburgh serves chicken wings; BBQ wings, garlic wings, maple syrup wings, Chipotle wings, wings with Caesar dressing, Ranch dressing, blue cheese, vanilla sugar (what?), sour cream, sweet and sour, chilli, Tobasco… Oh my lordy. So many choices! I’d read a bit about Wings before visiting, so I knew it was cheap,...


(Last Updated On: 8th January 2018)   One of the most recognisable and long standing of Edinburgh’s Police Boxes, and certainly the most colourful, Tupiniquim has been serving up gluten free Brazilian crepes from its perch at the top of Middle Walk since 2010. Run by Fernando Miranda, his wife Gardenia and their troupe of super friendly staff, Tupiniquim is the...