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Stuff To Do

What’s there to do in Edinburgh besides visit the castle and buy a suitcase full of tartan for the rellies? Plenty! And for a city that’s such a target of bad-weather related ribbing, you may be surprised how much of it involves being outdoors.

Burns Night in Edinburgh


  Before I moved to Edinburgh I had never heard of Burns Night, but I soon learnt it’s a tradition that Scots take very, very seriously. It’s a night [...]

The Best of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile


  Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is undoubtedly the most touristy street in the city, and we’re often told if you want an authentic experience on holiday, then [...]

Winter Stuff to Do in Edinburgh


  Edinburgh in the winter; it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s often wet and the dastardly, slippery ice suddenly appearing on footpaths turns simply walking [...]

Edinburgh Festivals and Events


  Edinburgh very rightly has a reputation as the greatest festival city in the world. There’s so many of them there’s only one month of the year you could [...]

Edinburgh Markets


  It’s February. Winter’s alllllmost over. Soon we’ll be packing the bunny slippers and onesies in the cupboard for another year and leaving our warm, [...]
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